Here is my end of studies 3D animation project for BRP. I worked on it during 10 months with the help of 3 others digital designer students to make a two minutes animations for the BRP Rapid concept. The biggest challenge was to manage the full project from the Storyboard creation to Post-production and Sound Design.

Team​​​​​​​ :
Jean-François Bozec : 3D animation - Water simulation - Post-production - Sound design
Clément Mathy : 3D modeling - Texturing
Fabien Rondet : 3D animation - Water simulation
Camille Dupuy : 3D modeling - Rigging

Software :
Autodesk Alias - Autodesk Maya - Chaosgroup Vray - Allegorithmic Substance Suite - Apple Logic Pro X - Adobe Creative Cloud

Storyboard research and sketching - Jean-François Bozec
I was in charge of drawing some elements of one entire scenario just to imagine what it could look like. It was also a good way to think about how we could explain the concept functions in a simple way. When we finally chose the original story, it was time for us to start 3D modeling.

Jetski remodeling and character rigging - Camille Dupuy

Interior environment texturing - Jean-François Bozec

My biggest work has been to animate cameras and character, to make water particles simulation, and also to make interior environment 3D texturing, full movie post-production, editing, and sound Design. Our Maya scene were huge (up to 60 GB for 5 seconds of movie), and we had to find solutions to reduce render time to be able to respect deadlines.

3D animation - Jean-François Bozec

Water simulation - Jean-François Bozec and Fabien Rondet