I thought that Nike shoes could be a good opportunity to train myself not only at polygonal modeling but also at advanced texturing. Then I tried to illustrate the Nike feeling through a short animation directly inspired by ManvsMachine work.

Team :
Jean-François Bozec

Software :
Autodesk Maya - Autodesk Alias - Chaosgroup Vray - Allegorithmic Substance Suite - Adobe Creative Suite - Logic Pro X

Final 3D movie - Autodesk Maya

I never modeled a shoe before so it was a big challenge for me. I did my best to respect the sizing and to be as close as possible of the real Nike shoes thanks to reference images placed as canvas.

Low poly version - Autodesk Maya

High poly version - Autodesk Maya

UVs unfolding - Autodesk Maya

UVs unfolding was done directly in Maya, then I exported a low poly and a high poly version of the shoe. Due to the complex texturing, I decided to use Substance Painter to directly paint my texture on the model. It was my first try with that tool and I really loved it!

3D painting - Substance Painter

3D painting - Substance Painter

I wanted to make simple 3D animation camera shots keeping a mysterious atmosphere using fast light movements and very dark environment. I was mainly inspired by ManvsMachine clips because of their wonderful inventiveness. I really enjoyed the editing and post production step, I was free to let my creativity lead my ideas through special effects and music/sound production.

3D animation - Autodesk Maya

Final 3D rendering - Autodesk Maya

Final 3D rendering - Autodesk Maya

Final 3D rendering - Autodesk Maya

I am very happy to see that Allegorithmic, the company behind Substance softwares shared my 3D video on their social network!

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