I was in the United States when we decided to bring the Gravity project to life, and it was the very first time that I had the opportunity to work with Julien Lanoy, a talented product designer. We wanted to be able to combine industrial design, interface design and digital design to build a special smartphone concept, from the first sketch to the final CGI movie.

Team :
Jean-François Bozec : 3D modeling - 3D rendering - 3D animation - FX - Sound design
Julien Lanoy : Product Design - Interface Design

Software :
Autodesk Alias - Autodesk Maya - Arnold Renderer - Apple Logic Pro X - Adobe Creative Cloud

3D modeling - Autodesk Alias

Final shape - Autodesk Alias

3D rendering - Autodesk Maya - Arnold Renderer

I loved working with Julien, we had a lot of fun building that concept. Our goal was to push the project further creating a 3D movie and a website, like for an existing product. We made researches and sketches together, then Julien mainly worked on the phone OS while I was working on 3D modeling, rendering, animation, FX, post-production and sound design.

Post-production - Adobe Creative Suite

Orion OS - Adobe Creative Suite