Etude de style is a high end watch design company located in Neuchatel, Switzerland. When I was there, I had the opportunity to work on many different projects for different brands. Here is a summary of what I did during these 6 months as a digital designer.

Team :
Jean-François Bozec

Software :
Maxon Cinema 4D - Adobe Creative Suite - Logic Pro X

My first mission was to create the intro and the outro for the HYT H4 Metropolis official movie. The atmosphere was directly inspired by Limbo, a famous and gloomy video-game.  I was also asked to make the exploded view of the watch.

HYT H4 Metropolis animation - Maxon Cinema 4D

HYT H4 Metropolis rendering - Maxon Cinema 4D

Then I worked on some part of the HYT H2 Tradition movie. I made the full intro-outro, some texturing, animation and post-production for the final movie. I also made one of the official rendering.

HYT H2 Tradition animation - Maxon Cinema 4D

HYT H2 Tradition rendering - Maxon Cinema 4D

My favorite project except the Aero GT that you can find on my website was the Astronomia movie for Jacob & Co because of the theme. I've always been very interested by the infinity of the universe and I had the opportunity to work on the storyboard and to make a lot of different animation shot researches for this video clip.

Jacob & Co Astronomia animation - Maxon Cinema 4D

I loved working with the EDS team during those 6 months. I contributed to so many different projects, I learned so much things, and not only on softwares but also on how to work with designers for real customers, with real needs and deadlines.

HYT H1 Skull Bad boy rendering - Maxon Cinema 4D

Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ rendering - Maxon Cinema 4D