Inspired by craft, Digital enhanced - About a creative exploration inspired by the art of Japanese ceramics.
From the pottery workshop in Mashiko - Japan, to the digital world, a project that blends the beauty of the craft and uses the power of digital to create a series of unique visuals.
Also available on Behance.

Team :
CGI - Jean-François Bozec
Craft - Pascal Grangier

Software :
Autodesk Maya - Chaosgroup Vray - Allegorithmic Substance Suite - Adobe Creative Suite

The vase

Japanese beauty is in the essence of things.
An invitation to look closer to let you discover the beauty through simplicity and clarity.

The set of bowls

Enter the pottery workshop and discover a world of passion and authenticity.
The tea cup

Inspired by the delicate matcha powder, immerse yourselft into a vibrant universe where colours and rich textures reveal themselves.