Bell&Ross asked us to make a 3D commercial movie to promote new Bell&Ross watches during my intership period at Etude de Style, Switzerland. The concept car has been made at school by students, and Bell&Ross wanted us to highlight the car shapes in a 3D animation getting the aviation universe.

Team :
Jean-François Bozec
Thierry Fischer

Software :
Maxon Cinema 4D - Adobe Creative Suite - Autodesk Alias - Apple Logic Pro X

This project has been a big investment for me, Etude de Style trust in me and in my skills and they let me work on many different aspect of this animation. The first step was to define what was missing on the original 3D model, and what we had to show or not. I worked on Alias to model extra parts like the engine or some details of the car interior.

Missing elements modeling - Jean-François Bozec

We decided that the animation could take place in two different universe : an airplane hangar first, then in a road tunnel. While my coworker was working on the hangar texturing, I did the full modeling, texturing and lighting of the tunnel. Physical lights were too long to render, so I had to create fake lights directly included in the wall texture.

Environment modeling - Jean-François Bozec and Thierry Fischer

Tunnel full texturing and lighting - Jean-François Bozec

I was also in charge of some camera shots and lights animation in the hangar, and of the full tunnel animation sequence. I made a lot of different tries with different lighting and different angles. The hardest thing was to make it realistic like if the Aero GT was filmed from another car, that's why I added shakes effect.

Hangar lighting and animation - Jean-François Bozec

Tunnel  animation - Jean-François Bozec

Tunnel animation - Jean-François Bozec

I used Premiere Pro from the beginning to the end of the project in order to test different camera shots, and to send it to Bell&Ross to have some feedbacks about it. Thanks to my music passion, I also worked on sound design using Logic Pro. It was a pleasure for me to use this software, my music passion follow me everywhere!

Sound design - Jean-François Bozec